Products and Services

We need to know your application - what do you want to produce?

For us to ensure that the SmartBench is a good fit for your particular application, we prefer to work with you by phone and email prior to accepting your order.  Or, schedule an appointment and bring your materials for a demonstration at our showroom.

We offer additional software packages that can help you expand your product offerings, and the training needed to get you up and running quickly.  Ensuring a good fit between whatever software you will be using to feed the Yeti SmartBench is very important to us.

Since the SmartBench reads grbl files — which is one of the industry standard outputs — most cabinetmaking, signmaking and 3D engraving software can feed the machine directly.

And because we can feed the beast (Yeti SmartBench) by both WI-Fi or USB drive, we make it easy for you to send jobs to the machine.  Use your phone to create a wi-fi connection while on a jobsite — simple, quick, and efficient.

Yeti SmartBench – a smart tool in your arsenal.

The SmartBench is an automated tool — if you are standing around watching it work — you are not using it right!  Move on!  Perform the next step in the workflow on your previous SmartBench produced products.

PLEASE NOTE – we have opted to turn off the online store for now.  We feel it is critical to place Yeti SmartBench units with the proper customer expectations.  I do video demos in advance to help you see your specific application.

We want to speak to you (and then email to confirm) in order clearly explain production dates, software output, training options, setup options etc.    If you are working with a CNC provider that does not know what you do, and has not done it before, how can they support you?

It is imperative that as we continue to scale up production, we are providing products that fit our customer’s needs.

Please call, email or use our CONTACT page for more information!