Here you will find a gallery of photos of the Yeti SmartBench and some of the projects produced by the SmartBench.  (The photos will auto-advance – hover your mouse on a photo to pause, then move away from the images to resume the rotation of photos).

Aaron shows how to set up the wheels on the ZHead.  We’ve done this already for you at the plant, but you should be familiar with the processes to keep your SmartBench in tip-top shape.

First time working with Rowmark 2color material

I had a prospective customer that builds control boards send me some material to engrave/label a control panel that will have lights, alarm status, switches etc. for different rooms in a facility.  Depth of cut is very important, as is the shape of the cutter.  This is a 2 video process — first decided on bit shape and depth of cut, then surfaced the spoilboard and did another trial cut.  3 passes to demo repeatability in first video; finished cut in second video.  .1374″ tall letters – small font.

Tips and Tricks - XBeam above the material options

In this video, I’ll show you a few different options I use if I am cutting a material and would prefer NOT to use the Yeti double roller hold-down system.  I show you risers made from scrap material – both that the wheels can ride on or that elevate the XBeam – both options providing a very stable base for machining.  Make the SmartBench work efficiently for YOU! 

Yeti software update - available now - V0.4

Ed catches us up on the latest Software releases (V0.4) and teases some upcoming features for SmartBench.

SmartBench calibration app - live in v 4.0 - update now

In this video, Lizzie shows the new calibration appfor the SmartBench.  This is already done at the plant when the machines are assembled and tested, but you should check you calibration as part of your 320 hour maintenance or if the machine is cutting out of square – typically this is because of being bumped while loading or unloading the machine – so a quick run through of this process brings you back to getting accurate cuts.  The entire process takes only a few minutes to perform, and makes your portable system the Smart tool that it is!   Please note – currently, the calibration app requires you to use a tape measure with METRIC values – please do not convert Imperial to metric – use a metric tape.  There are other videos (below) that also deal with calibration, but this is a bit updated by adding an app to the touchscreen console.  The videos below are still useful, because they explain some of the logic behind this app.

Unboxing the SmartBench - what to expect upon delivery

In this video, I will show you a quick video about what to expect when you receive your Yeti SmartBench.  We are typically shipping to the USA and Canada in 4 boxes – the Y beam (in a plywood box), the upper and lower X beams, the Zhead with spindle and console, and a box for the legs.  There are other videos about assembling the SmartBench (see below). 

How to calibrate your SmartBench

In this video, Ed shows how to calibrate your SmartBench.  This is already done when the machines are assembled and tested at the plant, but you should check you calibration as part of your 320 hour maintenance.  The entire process, as well as an online app to make and adjustments is available at  .

2020-02-03 – note – there is now an app on the console start-up screen that quickly walks you through the steps.  (

How to Square the XY axes

In this video, we will show you how to square the XY axes. This is already done at the factory when your unit is new, but with normal wear or if you change out some of your components, you need to be able to maintain squareness — and here is how it’s done!

AMB spindle maintenance - replacing brushes and thumb switch replacement

In this video, I show how to replace the brushes in the AMB spindle and also replace the thumb power switch.  Being a brushed motor, customers should have a supply of brushes on-hand so they can efficiently maintain their spindles.

Cutting 1/8" aluminum composite

In this quick video, I show initial cuts on an aluminum composite (aluminum on 2 sides of substrate) used in the sign industry.  I cut my logo, noting different speeds.  Since the material has a plastic protective coating, it’s hard to see at what speed the cut may degrade.  I will post additional videos with signmaking materials in the coming weeks.

X & Y Wheel setting and adjustments

In this video, Ed shows how the wheels are adjusted at the plant prior to shipping and how they can be adjusted in the field.


This was the first project I produced when the SmartBench arrived.  It’s a 4×8 sign that will hang on the wall in the demo area.  23 minutes for the sign.


In this project, I use a carve-away technique to produce an indoor sign for a friend that works in a cabinet shop a few doors down from the showroom.


Mac shows how we hold medium sized parts when cutting production parts used on the Yeti SmartBench.

How to hold a large format panel

In this video, Mac reviews how Yeti Tool, Ltd, uses the SmartBench with  a nested pane of parts used during shipments of the SmartBench.

SmartBench: Beam Clamping Technology

In this video Ed explains just how SmartBench is able to be both lightweight and portable, yet rigid enough in operation to achieve fast, accurate cuts.

Yeti SmartBench
Quick summary view of rough carving a 3D object using Fusion 360

3 minute assembly

Ed shows the assembly of the Yeti SmartBench in 3 minutes – describing each step as he goes along.

3 minutes to assemble a 4’x8′ 3D CNC machine onsite!

Yeti SmartBench
AWFS submittal for Visionary Products Competion 2019

Smartbench powerpoint presentation

A quick PowerPoint presentation for the Yeti SmartBench – full size panel processing, portable, industrial grade 3D CNC router.  May 2019.

NOTE – June 2019 – we adjusted the pricing to include shipping direct to customer site and modified the machine design so that all wiring looms are now field replaceable by the consumer.  This change  required modifying the price to $5995 – delivered to customer site in USA – (including import taxes and shipping) – plus applicable local taxes.  Canadian users – (September 9, 2019) – We have units in production heading to Canada to be inspected and CSA certified.  Contact us for more information.

Mac makes a custom monitor stand

follow along as Mac makes a monitor stand for his desk.  Designed and CAM work in Fusion.  April 2019.

Q&A with ed sells

Ed answers a number of questions sent in by viewers. December 2018.

early smartbench demo video

This is an early video, posted December, 2018.  Since that time, we have made several design changes and improvements, but it helps you see how the Yeti SmartBench has evolved.