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We have disabled online ordering -- we want to speak to you about your needs - please go to the CONTACT tab or call us at

2020-11-28 - We have Precision and Precision PRO units in stock in the USA again. Fill out the CONTACT form (link to CONTACT page above) then call to discuss and order!

2020-06-15 - Yeti SmartBenches are currently stocked in the USA and can typically ship in 3-4 days to your doorstep, depending on configuration. Over 375 SmartBenches have left the plant since July 2019 --- THANKS FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL RECEPTION!!!

We just released version 1.1 of the SmartBench which includes the first of our new CUTTING APPS - ShapeCutter. These apps will allow users to fully control the SmartBench from the console - no need for additional design software - for the applications that we develop in our product line. We also added adjustable feet to the SmartBench. These new features will bring the delivered price in the US to $7500 (delivered).

Existing version 1.0 users will get the software updates for free!
_________ introduced the SmartBench to the North American market in July 2019.

A huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone that visited with us at the 2019 AWFS show.

It was an outstanding success --- thank you for helping us introduce our new product.

We received the Visionary Products Award for machines under $50,000 --- ours is now $7145 plus shipping = $7500 delivered (plus applicable local taxes).

Thanks for recognizing the Yeti SmartBench as an clever, inventive design which will change the CNC market, this was a huge honor.

We have disabled the online store so we can discuss YOUR NEEDS as we scale up production again after COVID19. Get your unit underway now. Call now!

If you would like to speak to someone about leasing opportunities, scroll down the the bottom of this page and click the icon to be taken to NorthStar Leasing.

Please call 205-871-6618 or email to discuss getting one at YOUR location!