Who We Are...

At Yeti Tool SouthEast, LLC, we have decades of history calling on custom cabinetmakers and high end millwork plants across North America, providing software, hardware and training solutions, integrating software with CNC machines.

Now, we are introducing an amazing new product to the USA and Canada, the Yeti SmartBench.

Yeti SmartBench - the worlds first industrial grade, portable, 4'x8' panel processing 3D CNC router.

Our Mission

Our goal is to introduce you to smart tools, which in the hands of great craftsmen, deliver a higher quality product to market faster, more effectively and with a greater profit margin.

Empowering our customers with a proven method to visually present their products at the point of sale guarantees a fully informed, enthusiastic, motivated customer.  Combined with automated manufacturing and repeatability, we help ensure you are able to recreate your products in a timely, consistent manner delivering an enjoyable purchase experience to your customers.

Extraordinary Experiences

The ability to take the Yeti SmartBench CNC router on-site to create custom products, offers a level of attention and service not seen before in this industry.

Our methods enable our customers to quantifiably improve their product and never sacrifice vision or ideology. Rather, we build on their talents, experience and expertise, empowering them with radically innovative technical tools.

Our Core Values

We believe in providing a quality customer experience, from the moment you receive your product to the moment you complete your first job. We take pride in every element of our designs and constantly strive to meet perfection. Where third-party components are used, we ensure they meet the same high standards we expect of our own.

  • We strive to understand your individual market needs before the sale.
  • We help you understand our product offerings for products and services and how they will help your business.
  • We support you after the sale ensureing the products and services we provide help you produce products of lasting value.