Yeti smartbench

The worlds first industrial grade, portable, 4'x8' panel processing 3D CNC router.
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The core of our business values is that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Therefore to ensure the highest standard of quality, everything is designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and shipped from our premises here in the South West of the UK.

– Yeti Tool Ltd, UK designer and manufacturer of the SmartBench

Quick highlights

The Yeti SmartBench is the worlds first industrial, portable, 3D CNC router.

Now, we have 3 different models and price-points from which to choose.

With a 3 minute setup time, the SmartBench revolutionizes the industry by allowing you to take precise machining to the jobsite.

Features include a color touchpad handheld control unit that can receive jobs/cutting instructions via wi-fi or USB drive, a choice of spindles and other options.

Full 4'x8' panel machining can be achieved, with a cutting height of almost 6" (Z height above table). 

Longer items can be tiled in the software allowing you to machine products that are longer than 8'.

Dust collection ready, the SmartBench allows you to work on other tasks while it drills, pockets, mortises, carves, or dados your project.